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Hyper Streamline: Reducing Frontal Drag

by Max Lucas, 2021-01-14T01:21:51.000-08:00January 14 2021, at 01:21 AM PST

image Level 1-here is the article I mentioned during practice for those who are interested:
In order to test which streamline was the best, a device was used to measure the amount of frontal drag force on a swimmer while holding various types of streamlines. The hyper streamline position was found to be the most effective at reducing frontal drag. Right now there is no hard evidence (scientifically proven) that contradicts this concept, so until there is, I would say it is s... [more]
Past Announcements

GMAC Winter session & schedule update

2021-01-08 11:47 PST by Emily Burghardt (0 Comments)

Our winter session January 11, 2021- March 13, 2021 is now open for registration.
Email bemily@vt.edu or info@swimgmac.org to schedule an evaluation and get... [more]

Freestyle Arm Recovery Techniques

2021-01-05 08:29 PST by Max Lucas (0 Comments)

Level 1 – Next week we will be learning & practicing a specific type of sprint freestyle arm recovery. The Race Club does a great job of explaining sprint free arm recovery (as well as moderate and easy free recovery) in this video: https:/... [more]

Underwater Kicks: The 5th Stroke

2020-12-29 05:31 PST by Max Lucas (0 Comments)

Team, here is a very cool video by the Race Club/Gary Hall Sr. that covers underwater kick technique. It explains how the kick should be done and proves why with actual science! I found it very helpful to understand the “why” conce... [more]

GMAC Level 3 and 4 November Time Trials - Results

2020-12-21 11:03 PST by Great Mills Aquatic Club (0 Comments)

Here are the results of the GMAC Level 3 and 4 November Time Trials (11/21/2020). Thank you to all of our parent volunteers and athletes who make these ... [more]


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